We want you to have the best and most credible information possible prior to your making important decisions with regard to your hearing.  To that end, we provide the following links to what we believe is the best information available on the Internet.  Click on the underlined titles to transfer to the sites.  

We will also be more than happy to answer your every question during your appointment with one of our specialists.

Hearing Center, Inc.
Hearing Aid Styles  This page provides photographs and descriptions of the different hearing aid styles and technology.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.   provides quality information regarding Hearing Loss, Causes & Types, Signs & Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment.

Factors to Consider  A discussion of factors you should consider when choosing a hearing aid, to include: Hearing Loss, Lifestyle, Technology, Handling, Appearance, Physiology, One ear or two?, etc.


Hearing Loss
Better Hearing Institute provides a detailed description of how we hear, signs of hearing loss, types of hearing loss, causes, ringing in the ears (Tinnitus) and myths about hearing loss
Hearing Solutions
Better Hearing Institute provides a detailed description of Audiological Advances, Success Stories, Getting the most out of your hearing aids, Medical Advances and much more...
How to Get Started, Starkey Hearing Technology provides information on how to get started, the process, what steps to take next and what to expect.
Organizations Dedicated to Better Hearing